Automation option is not available for Catalog item

We are using cloudformation to build blueprint and catalog item. Not seeing the option Automation in catalog item created which we see during instance creation, thus not able to add workflow to the catalog item.


Can you confirm that you are seeing the Automation tab when creating a standard instance (not via catalog)? Also If there are only Operational workflows then it will not show in the Automation tab. What Morpheus version you are on?


Hi @Ripon_Banik in order to attach workflows, you must create CloudFormation instance types not native blueprints/apps. The instance layer is where the LCM automation can occur.

You’ll need to create a CloudFormation Spec Template, then associate that with an Instance Type/Layout. You should be able to provision that via the native instances/instance wizard.

@cbunge I tried that but stumbled on not be able to launch it via Instance Provisioning. It provides a instance name via global policy which does not allow me to modify.