Support to deploy node of pools for AKS cluster with different node sizes configured

Hi expert,

There are some use cases that customer need to create multiple node pools in AKS cluster and each node pool will be configured with different node size. However it doesn’t support as built-in feature in Morpheus currently.

I would suggest to add below feature when deploy AKS cluster from Morpheus:

  1. Provide the capability to select the CNI (Azure CNI / Kubenet)
  2. Provide the capability to created multiple node pools and configure different node size for each node pool.

Thank you.

Hi Yingshuang,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and the use cases regarding the deployment of node pools with different node sizes in AKS clusters.

We understand that having the capability to select the CNI (Azure CNI/Kubenet) and create multiple node pools with different node sizes is crucial for many customers. Your suggestions are valuable, and I will pass them along to our development team for consideration.

At this time, I cannot provide a specific timeline for when these features might be implemented, but please be assured that we are continuously working to improve our platform based on user feedback.

We appreciate your input and encourage you to keep sharing your ideas and experiences with us.

Best regards,