Kubernetes Capabilities

We are currently exploring Kubernetes Capabilities in which we have several questions.

Question 1
Upon Provisioning of an (AWS)EKS Cluster, is there any way to apply tags to the worker nodes? We can see that upon provisioning Morpheus Applies tags but by no means are we capable of editing/adding/removing any tags.

Question 2
Due to the inability of duplicating the System provided EKS cluster layout, Is there a way to create a custom EKS Cluster layout (similar as the one Morpheus provides OOTB) that will enable us to add INPUTS?

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Both of these would be feature suggestions. For question 1, you could use a python task in a workflow to add tags to the provisioned eks worker nodes, select the workflow during provisioning on the EKS cluster (EKS — Boto3 Docs 1.23.8 documentation)