Deploy Nginx on EKS Cluster

Hi Team,

We have successfully provisioned the EKS cluster in AWS. Post that as we tried to deploy the nginx on top of the cluster. we used the Kubernetes instance type post selected the clouds and group in the Layout window it’s not populating the details of service plan and volumes Is this expected one? If yes what is other option to deploy the NGINX on the EKS cluster. We are able to see the service plan and volumes for private cloud. Morpheus version is 6.2.6.

You can try a Kubernetes/HELM app blueprint type or “Apply Template” from the cluster “Control” page Screen Shot on 2024-02-05 at 3-19-43 pm.png - Droplr

When creating a Kubernetes layout, only selecting spec templates should be allowed.
The concept of creating a library node type of technology type Kubernetes will be removed in future versions of Morpheus.

Thanks @dgaharwar . May I know the reason why it’s not populating the service plan in the Layout.

My second post is the reason it is not working as expected.