Backup and restore for Tanzu and OpenShift based K8s cluster with CommVault

Hello Experts I would like to know if Morpheus support backup and restore for Tanzu and OpenShift based K8s cluster with CommVault. From documentation it looks like it only supported for VMware and OpenStack based workload but our customer is also looking to extend the same for K8s clusters. Is there any guidance that you can provide would be vary useful or any similar experience with other customers.

Piyush Jain

Hi @piyush.jain External K8s cluster added to morpheus have to be scoped to a cloud. If the cluster is scoped to vmware cloud which has the CV integration enabled then during new deployment (instances) the backup option would should show up. I am not 100% sure if it would do the intended type of backup in CV.

Thanks @aabraham for quick response. Customer would like to also check on container application (running on external K8s cluster) backup and restore using CommVault thru Morpheus?

Hi @piyush.jain the CSI plugin is for storage, I dont see how it can backup application state which is immutable.

Hello @aabraham, Here is link which I am talking about:

In my understanding, CSI plugin would provide the persistent storage for container application, same way as VMware datastore provides storage for VM’s.

Would work for deployments as it is adding to a job and the job has a schedule. Won’t be applicable for nodes.