Resource Pool not found - K8's cluster in subtenant


I integrated one K8’s cluster in master tenant and able to deploy apps into it however when i enable access of this K8’s cluster to subtenant its visible in subtenant but unable to deploy the apps as it complains about no resource pool found in subtenant.


Not sure what i am missing here. I am using morpheus appliance with community license.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Suresh Thakur

You must share a namespace as either public, or specifically to a subtenant for the resource pool selection to appear.

Thank you for the input, I have already tried it but didn’t make any difference.

@cbunge i still have the same issue, Namespaces have been shared with the subtenant. Any input is greatly appreciated

Update: When i try to deploy the app in subtenant using the catalog created from blueprint in Master tenant i face the issue mentioned above.

However when i create a catalog in master tenant using instance ( Kubernetes Spec) then i am able to see the resource pool in subtenant while deploying the app.

Kindly help validate if app blueprint option is working as expected or is it suppose to work as well ? I am using version 6.2.5.

Thank You.
Suresh Thakur