Morpheus add external Kubernetes Cluster

Hello Expert,

I tried to add an external Kubernetes cluster to Morpheus, it’s created by using Rancher, but I found strange things and don’t have any idea how it happened, I deploy pod/deployment by using “Spec Template”, but the deployment is deployed to Rancher K3s local-node…

  1. Add rancher-cluster to Morpheus

  2. deploy a Spec Template and respond it is unchanged and service is failed

  3. deployment didn’t show up in this cluster

  4. The deployment and morpheus-agent is deployed in rancher local-node, and the morpheus-agent image seems can’t pull?

Sorry just catching up on this. Unsure if you resolved, but currently the kubectl commands from Morpheus utilize the K8s api connection. So Morpheus must be able to resolve and connect (typically via port 6443) to the cluster. [agent comms coming very soon]

Hi @WillyChen,
I’m trying to import Rancher Cluster into Morpheus but I don’t know where to collect API Token as the requirement. I tried to put ‘secret key’ from a Rancher Access Key into the API Token box but it did not work. Can you please leave an instruction? Thank you.

I believe you can pull it from the UI in Rancher, but this post of creating a service account references pulling the API key and may be useful:

Hi @cbunge ,
Thank you for your reply, I followed the instruction you provided (as the same website document), and it seems I’m still in the error. Although I created a service account named ‘morpheus’ before I ran the command to Gather Service Account Token, it still returns ‘No resources found in morpheus namespace.’

I also try to pull Secret Key shown in the image for API Token requirement box but it does not work. Thank you again @cbunge !