Sub-Tenant can see K8s namespace for K8s blueprint deployment

Here are steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create MKS cluster on VMware cloud and marked its visibility as Public so that sub-tenants can see it
  2. Marked all the K8s namespaces also public
  3. Created a new Sub-tenant and group inside subtenant. Added VMware cloud to group under sub-tenant. I also made sure Sub-tenant can see K8s cluster.
  4. Now created a K8s blueprint and when I tried to deploy it, I found sub-tenant cant see namespace for App deployment. Not sure how would I expose K8s namespace for app deployment inside sub-tenant ?

Tested this in my lab and it works. Make sure your RBAC is correct. A namespace will be available for selection during provisioning for an instace type layout tecnology of Docker. Check the Morpheus instance type Apache.

Hmm…Surprisingly it works when I created a spec template in sub-tenant but not using App deployment using YAML blueprint deployment in sub-tenant.
I would test later using Instance type.