Reconfigure manually installed agent without internet

I’m trying to install a Morpheus agent where the instance has cloud-init enabled, but lacks internet access. I was able to SSH to the instance and test the it can reach the Morpheus node over port 443. I tried to manually install the agent using the rpm package from the package-repo on the Morpheus node. The agent appears to have been installed, but when I try to run a reconfigure it fails saying it could not fetch specs from

Does the agent install / reconfigure require internet connectivity? Is there a way to install it in an air-gapped environment?

No it does not require internet connectivity. The regular vm agent package does try to install curl and wget if they are not already installed, which they typically already are. That and yum update after adding the morpheus repo will depend on repo config, which should be setup for local repos in air-gapped env.

This sounds like you manually copied a host agent rpm, which is the wrong rpm for regular vm and not the correct manual install method. While cloud-init should still work, you can download the agent install script from the target server record (Actions → Download Agent Script), which curls the full install script from the appliance. That script adds the proper config files, the morpheus repository, and installs the agent. You can view the script that is curl’d by removing the | bash. to see the full process.