Having issue installing the agent on linux/unix machine

We are having issue installing the morpheus agent on linux/unix machines. Working fine, getting installed on windows machine but not on linux/unix machines

Error: host unable to reach the appliance https://morphesus, please verify network connectivity


What method are you using to install the agent? is it at time of provision, afterwards, via the actions menu,
or, are you manually running the downloaded bash script on the VM?

There could be two different issues. It could be that the Agent isn’t/can’t be installed, or that it is installed but that it can’t talk to the appliance.

So, the first thing to establish is if the Agent is installed and running on the VM. If you SSH into the VM and run this command, and it fails the agent is not installed. If this returns, the agent is installed but confirm it is running also.

morpheus-node-ctl status	

If you update that status here that will help diagnose.

If the agent is there and running, then you’d want to check these points next:-

  • Are the Windows and Linux VMs using the same network? If not ensure the Linux VM network can reach the appliance URL on port 443.

  • Check that Linux VM is not running a local firewall that would prevent it using port 443.

  • Are they in the same cloud? If not check that the custom appliance urls are the same (these are set on a per cloud basis).

  • You don’t say what type of appliance, but as above, if you have a load balancer in the solution, and the Linux VM is using a different custom endpoint than the windows VM based on cloud, ensure the load balancer supports and is configured for, Websockets.

We also have a Morpheus Agent Troubleshooting guide which may help. See this post

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We are able to install the agent on windows machine, but having issue only on Linux/Unix machine.
They are on same network, same cloud, port 443 is enabled hence agent getting installed on windows.
We have Morpheus appliance as single node on Centos.

But seems like Linux./Unix machines unable to reach the appliance, even tho port 443 is enabled.
We are using cloud init mode, tried with SSH as well no luck

Hi, the next steps would involve jumping on the provisioned Linux VM and confirming the Agent status. It could be there and not able to connect. It could be there and not started and of course it may not be installed at all. All the steps are detailed in the guide linked above, so would recommend working through that if you haven’t already.