Fix: Morpheus Agent install failure during provisioning due to cloud-init CURL install failure

I recently was working with a customer who had Morpheus Agent install issues for their Red Hat VM provisions. The Agent was failing to install as cloud-init was unable to install CURL via the VM package manager. In this customer use-case, the package manager is only configured and available during post provision of the virtual machine and not during the cloud-init phase.

To fix this Agent install issue we ensured that curl was installed on the virtual image and then configured cloud-init to prevent it from attempting to install curl:

Cloud init provides the package update upgrade install module for toggling whether the package manager should update/upgrade: Module Reference — cloud-init 22.3 documentation

With curl installed on the virtual image the next step is to configure cloud-init to prevent it from installing/upgrading curl. This can be configured by providing the following Cloud-Init User Data on the virtual image settings in Morpheus:

package_update: false
package_upgrade: false

Here is an example: Screen Shot on 2022-09-02 at 15-47-32.png - Droplr

This will overwrite the “packages:” module and cloud-init will not install curl. I have left the “package_update: false” and “package_upgrade: false” commands in for completeness.