Is there any way to execute automation tasks on managed instances without using SSH Port 22 from Morpheus?

In the environment, SSH port 22 doesn’t allow between Morpheus and Instances. Is there any way to execute automation tasks over the Morpheus agent like the Ansible playbook execution using the Morpheus agent?

Yes. That’s one of the major benefits of the agent.

By default, all task types will use the agent comms if it is registered on that VM. For Ansible specifically, you must check the box on the integration Use Morpheus Agent Command Bus


Thank you for your quick response. I have found that option for Ansible only.
So, will use the Morpheus Agent Installation method using cloud-init run cmd and then execute automation tasks using Morpheus agent.

Thank you so much @cbunge :smiley:

Yep the preferred method for install is the cloud-init/unattend as it is a run once script on first provision that allows the VM to curl back to Morpheus and grab the agent. From then on, all automation should occur over agent comms (which only require 443 from VM to Morpheus).

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