Reasons for missing Azure skus (service plans) within Morpheus

Morpheus will not sync a size/SKU (service plan) from Azure in the following circumstances:

  1. Azure has not made the size/SKU available for the Azure region in use by the Morpheus Cloud
  2. Azure has a restriction on the SKU for the Azure subscription in use by the Morpheus Cloud

It is possible to use the Azure CLI to check if a SKU is restricted within an Azure subscription and region.

For example, restrictions on the Standard_B2ms SKU within the southeastasia region can be listed with the following command:

az vm list-skus -l southeastasia --resource-type virtualMachines --all | grep -i -C 30 "Standard_B2ms"

This will output:

 "name": "Standard_B2ms",
    "resourceType": "virtualMachines",
    "restrictions": [
        "reasonCode": "NotAvailableForSubscription",
        "restrictionInfo": {
          "locations": [
          "zones": [
        "type": "Zone",
        "values": [

If a plan has been synced by Morpheus in the past and has since been made restricted/unavailable then Morpheus will disable this plan on the next cloud sync.

I hope this helps clarify why you may be experiencing missing plans within your environment. Please feel free to ask more questions below.