✅ Azure agent-less instant managment

Get guidance on Azure cloud with an agent-less setup

Morpheus fails to provide recommendations on Azure VMs with regard to right-sizing, scaling, reserved instances for VMs in Azure, but it does provide that information for our on premise systems. Morpheus correctly identifies and imports the Azure VMs into our on-premise appliance, however it never generates any recommendations. Most of our Azure VMs are in subscriptions that do not have direct network connectivity, and without that the agent cant be installed nor could it communicate to the on-premise Morpheus appliance either.

Morpheus needs to communicate with the Azure API not only for importing the VMs but also for the metrics needed to make recommendations on VM size, etc. If the API allows for recognizing the VMs and can see the different VM sizes, prices, etc, it should also be able to perform the rest of the functions via the API as well and function as an agent less solution.

There are limitations to the type/quantity of API calls that can be made to specific endpoints. The health metrics of systems have API limits that are easily exceeded without additional cost. This is why Morpheus relies on the agent to communicate health statistics back instead.

Internally we can circle back on this and confirm the current state of Azure, but we do have a road mapped item to allow Guidance plugins. The intended idea is to be able to pull directly from public cloud recommendations which do include right sizing and several other recommendations.

New code has been added that checks historical stats on vms every 30 minutes and allows guidance to function.

Slated release is 5.5.2