QEMU/KVM Images for RHEL9 Derivatives

When building EL9 derivatives for the standard set of Morpheus images (VMWare, QEMU, HyperV), I ran across an issue with QEMU/KVM. When booting CentOS or Almalinux 9, I get a kernel panic similar to this: Screenshot at June 14th 2022 - 1.18.16 pm.png - Droplr. Setting the CPU to host seems to allow the OS to boot. The problem, of course, is that even if I build the image, a standard deployment will fail.

The reason for this is a new requirement from Red Hat/IBM: Building Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 for the x86-64-v2 microarchitecture level | Red Hat Developer. This requires AVX extensions and x86_64-v2 support. I’m building on Alder Lake/Cascade Lake, so I’ve got the CPU compatibility, so it may be a QEMU update that is required. I’m not entirely sure what that will involve, or what version will be affected, etc.

That all being said, I may be way off base here, and may be missing something about QEMU. I wanted to at least post this as a reason we don’t have qcow2 or raw images of EL9 linux. If someone has insight into anything I’ve mentioned, I’d appreciate the discussion.