Image support for newer Linux OS product

Virtual Image support and documentation for some newer Linux OS product not available

My customer want to use Redhat 9.0, Alma Linux 9.0, and Oracle Linux 8.5, but documentation still not available, still questioning about support ability in morpheus.
As per them, try to replicate procedure with previous version but no luck.
Any roadmap if those OS version will be supported?

Could you clarify what you mean by support? Do you mean provisioning instances in Morpheus for those OS versions? Are you looking for system provided images?

We’ve supported deploying EL9 for a few versions now, and that would cover AlmaLinux 9 as well as RHEL 9. That includes the Morpheus Agent.

Hi, let me clarify. Customer use Vmware Vcenter and want create own virtual image to provision instance, But as per last doc guide its only have procedure for Centos/Rhel 7 and 8.
Great to hear that, any guide that we can follow to create RHEL9 image on Vcenter?

We keep any documentation surrounding the creation of specific OS templates current for use with Morpheus. There are certain guides to do it generally, but a standard RHEL 9 built with packer should work fine.

I don’t do anything special with our images. I simply build a barebones image, and make sure I follow best practices on how to make them cloneable. The only caveat I would have for RHEL is that you have to register them in order to update the RPMs, then remove the subscription before creating a template.

This repository has some good examples for building a RHEL template: GitHub - vmware-samples/packer-examples-for-vsphere: Packer Examples for vSphere