Provide information on Morpheus supplied system "Virtual Image" builds and other entities

Provide information describing how Virtual Image is built and configured

When using system virtual images such as Rocky 9 the only way I can findout how OS is configured is by logging into a deployed VM, donning my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker and reverse engineering build information by looking at configure files such as /root/anaconda-ks.cfg. This give me some of the story but not all, looking in anaconda-ks.cfg a user called vagrant was created when the OS was first installed. However at some point its been deleted, presumably by a script (or something) that was run post initial OS installation.

Having a library of pre-built virtual images etc is great, can really speed things along, especially when multiple cloud technologies are involved. What I’d like Morpheus to provide is:

  1. List of general rules they follow when building a Virtual Image, e.g. for Linux, no swap. no LVM, these packages, what base ISO/image.
  1. Access to build files, so we can use them as a starting point.

Same can also be send for other entities such as Docker Image Cluster, I’d love to know how Docker is configured, how underlying VMs are configured. To be able to take Morpheus build files and use as a starting point.