Ubuntu & Linux Virtual Image Config

Hi Team,

If we are using synced virtual images from VMware environment to use as a template for vm provisioning and cloud-init is already installed on the VMs. However do we have to enable “VMware guest customization” option as well on the virtual image ? When I enable that option along with cloud-init enabled, I face issues with provisioning.

VMware Guest Customization? needs to be unchecked. On the VMware cloud that you will be provisioning to in Morpheus, you need to set the Agent Install Mode to Cloud Init/Unattend (when available). You have to check the Is Cloud Init Enabled? to tell Morpheus that cloud-init is installed on the template. Also, check the Install Agent? to tell Morpheus to install the agent by default when this virtual image is used. As we have told Morpheus that the template has cloud-init installed, Morpheus will attempt to use cloud-init to get the agent install script onto the target VM. You do not need to add a username/password to the virtual image, but you do need to set a global cloud-init username and password in Administration > Settings > Provisioning.

Please refer to this doc for more info: Updated Agent Troubleshooting Guide