Prompt for an Application Name on Any VM Provisioned

What I am looking into, is how to have users specify a Business Application for any and all VMs that are deployed. So I don’t want it to be tied to Instance Type or Layout, because it would apply to all VMs across the board.

Originally, I considered an Option List until I realized that the API call returns 10K+ applications. So now, I am considering providing a Text field, and then doing the API call with a query filter on it to see if the specified application exists, before allowing Provisioning to continue.

I cannot figure out how to do this. Provisioning Workflows don’t allow Text Input fields (although Operational ones do but you run an Operational workflow after the provisioning). I think you can add the text field to the instance types individually, and maybe put in a pre-provisioning task that can validate the text field input.

Is there any other way to pull this off?