Forms or Input Fields Across All Instance Types - Including System Images

Forms or Input Fields Across All Instance Types - Including System Images

We have an increasing number of “edicts” on our VMs. For example, with the implementation of ServiceNow, they are asking us to record information about provisioned and deprovisioned VMs into certain databases so that ownership of the VM and pertinent information about it are quickly accessible (a more than reasonable request).

Problem is, we don’t use Catalogs. We use the Standard View and Provisioning Workflow - because our (power) user base prefers the rich UI as opposed to the Catalog. And, we don’t really want to reinvent the wheel on Catalog when a perfectly good provisioning workflow comes out of the box.

Currently, even if we have a Universal Workflow defined in Policies, we are having to add the Input fields on an instance type by instance type basis - huge hassle. And, we cannot even add Input fields to the System images which means we may have to disable all of them.

I would like to be able to snap a workflow - and fields to support that workflow - in a global across the board way. After all, if we can define a global workflow, we need the ability to have Input fields that drive that workflow, right?

Example/Use case(s):
Perhaps in Provisioning Settings, you can define some global workflows there? Move it out of Policies? And be able to add your Forms or Input fields there? Obviously it takes some figuring out as far as design goes.