Preferred Layout on an Instance Type

I have created two Layouts for an Instance Type (v17, v18). Unfortunately, there is no way to choose which one shows up first in the provisioning workflow dropdown. Because they are in sorted order by name, v17 is always the default. But I would like v18 to be the default, and allow users the option to drop down to an earlier version if they want to. For example, maybe they have 5 VMs that are v17, and while the new current version (default) is v18, they may drop down to choose v17 to keep VM number 6 the same version (v17) as the other 5 VMs previously deployed.

Feature Request? I am kind of surprised that I can’t do this. And I think most users will just go with the default and choose v17 instead of my new v18 version when instantiating new VMs.

Hi, just name them

  1. v18
  2. v17

And it will sorted in a way you want it.


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Worth mentioning, maybe, is that you have to do this on version, not name. It sorts on the version number when you’re provisioning.

We did find usefull to provide same version for the layout items (smth like 1.0) and put the version in the name.
If all the items are with same 1.0 (or other value), additional dropdown menu for the version does not appear and UI is a bit lighter, sorting can be done as in previous post :slight_smile:

Actually, in testing this, I am a little more confused. I think it is sorting based on the order they are added to the Instance Type. I think. I deleted v17 and v18 and then re-added them in the order v19, v18 and v17 and it appears to be printing them correctly. But that is a hassle. It would be easier if I could a drag-drop and order them in the fashion I want, as opposed to having to all this guesswork and testing.

I think it should go to the ideas section :slight_smile:
I’ll definitely will vote for that :wink: