Creating a new catalog and mapping Instance type/nodes and layouts


I have created windows catalog for VMware with all inputs/options etc which works fine.
I’m coding the creation of the catalog of most elements, so we can create on qa and prod morpheus installations.

The code is using api requests written in ansible.

So far for testing I have created: Catalog item / Input/option llists/ Instance Types,layouts and nodes.

The problem I’m seeing is when I have deployed the code and then try to order a server from the new catalog and try selecting the new layout from a drop down list which relates to the new instance, when click on “order now” nothing happens. If I select a layout that has been already created from my initial catalog/instance type it works.


Existing catalog is called Windows Standard using Windows Server - Testing (Instance, and relating layouts/nodes.

My new catalog created from code is called Windows Standard testing using Jon’s Windows Standard (Instance, and then new node/layout created)

My thinking is somewhere in the config code for catalog item is pointing to the instance. As when you run the configuration wizard you select the instance type to use.
I just want to swap over id/name and use the new instance type created, without having re run the config wizard and re apply the custom inputs etc.

I can see type: listed which relates to the shortcode of the instance type I have changed but no luck.

I’m trying to understand what fields in the config field relate to Instance? Or is there somewhere else which ties which node/layout/instance type to a different catalog item?


type: is required.

What was hiding the issue was one of my inputs which is conditional upon another input being set as required. Once unticked, I could see a message about layout id not found. The changed to type: to the new instance shortcode and it works.