Predefined helper tags in Morpheus API (e.g. orderForm)

Hello everyone! I’m trying to set up a ‘section’ using the Morpheus Plugin API. The idea is to have a component (helper, tag, or other options) that could be reused to define ‘sections’ somewhere, e.g. separating columns through sections in a CatalogItem.

Besides the open question how and where to close the ‘section’ in the HTML correctly, we have the problem that we don’t understand what predefined helper classes like ‘orderForm’ include. The following documentation only mentions the basic existence of ‘orderForm’:

A couple helper methods are registered such as the orderForm block which injects the order form data into the html render

  • What does the ‘orderForm’ helper include?
  • Where is it defined? How can it be analysed and understood?
  • Can it be parsed/modified?
  • Are there other helpers? If yes, is there a list or a documentation of these?

Many thanks in advance!

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Good day!

“orderForm”, “hasWiki”, and “Wiki” are all Handlebars helper functions that are registered by the core Morpheus application.

“orderForm” will load the default catalog order form and accept additional HTML to be rendered between the starting <form> and ending </form> tags.

“hasWiki” will check if there is Wiki content and if yes, load the contents of the HTML provided.

“Wiki” will render the formatted content of the Wiki

I am yet to explore further, so il leave it here for others to provide more info.


Many thanks for the reply, @ctaylor !

You mentioned that orderForm accepts additional HTML to be rendered. Can you elaborate further how this can be done?

As I understand it:

	<p>Hello World!</p>

Should add <p>Hello World!</p> after the order form contents, but before the closing </form> tag

Okay. That means that additional content can be added after the form but the content provided by the orderForm helper itself can’t be modified or amended.

Thanks for the explanation!