Percona DB cluster offline installation

Hi Team,

We’re going to deploy 3 Node HA with combined database in a dark site. Wanted to confirm the procedure to deploy Percona DB cluster without any internet connectivity to the environment. Kindly confirm/suggest if offline percona DB cluster deployment is achievable or not ?

Any suggestion/input is greatly appreciated.

Suresh Thakur

Hi, yes this is possible.
The procedure requires that the VMs have access to their OS repositories locally and that the Percona repository is also made available locally. With those assets in place locally, the installation is the same as for a cluster which can reach the internet.

Hello @Ollie_Phillips .

Thank you for your suggestion. By the way, could you please provide us the list of the packages which we need to download to local for Percona DB offline installation?

Thank you.

Hi @yingshuang - You will want to refer to the official Percona docs for this. Here is a link that should get you started. Install Percona XtraDB Cluster from Binary Tarball - Percona XtraDB Cluster