✅ 'Order Again' button defaults to backend value and not display

Clicking the ‘Order Again’ button to order the same catalog item again populates the backend values on form when we would expect display values. End Users are familiar with the display values and not the backend values we use within our workflow. (Name vs. ID ,etc) Ideally, would have the display values populate on form so the End User knows exactly what they are ordering again.

Catalog Item when ‘Order Again’ selected:

Catalog Item normally:

What version are you on currently? Is it logic in the configuration of the catalog? for example that ‘7’. Is that just the value in a select list or are you deciding that with other logic in the spec?

Hey Chris,


That ‘7’ is the id of a Group within that Select List.

More info: Inputs ‘Application Service’ and ‘Reservation’ are dependent on Business Application and ‘Production or NPE Deployment’ fields. Noticing the fields that are dependent on another field - show the backend value and the other two fields full display value.

thanks for the question, there is a bug here. The typeahead does do an initial search for the value. it adds a checkValue param in the initial search which is set to “true” and the phrase params is the value that was selected. However in investigating i noticed that the param “phrase” was missing in the initial search. this will be fixed in an upcoming release. If this is a custom list, please make sure you implement a check for these params for the tyeahead to load the correct value as we do not store the display value.

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Thanks so much, Andy! Want me to open a case up or do you have one going internally already for this?

its already been taken care of. thanks for your help!

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