Service Catalog: Ability to order multiple copies of the same item

When ordering items through the service catalog have the ability to order multiples of a single item. In the current release, when ordering multiple items you have to go to the catalog multiple times and add each item you want to order one by one.

With the standard interface at the end of provisioning, you are presented with a summary and at the bottom copies. The copies allows for you to order multiples of the current catalog item you are selecting. The current ability works across all types of Instance Types.

The service catalog persona or the catalog section of provisioning currently doesn’t allow you to specify copies of a particular catalog item.

Example/Use case(s):
Ideally two different ways that would work well. The first being that within the catalog configuration allow a check box for multiple copies to be ordered. Then when a user looks to order the an item depending on the catalog item and the configuration they are prompted with how many copies they would like to order. You would probably would want to add a min and max within the catalog configuration. I could see this getting out of hand when we start talking XaaS - how many drop box folders would you like to create. With no limits users would get out of control - you no doubt would have that one person that just likes to watch the world burn and provision thousands when they need 2, but they just have to see if it can be done.

The other option - once an end user adds an item to the shopping chart, they can review and modify the shopping cart order add or subtract the number of copies. The functionality would mimic much like you would see on amazon or any other shopping site.

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Does this hold true if you manually modify the copies value (or create your own value for it)? I thought the copies from this perspective would provision, but maybe not show in the inventory fully.

Also 5.5.1 had regex to options so that should solve the ranges for min max on copies.