✅ Input/Option Type Validation

Regex validation for an Option Type or Input

Looking to enforce validation on inputs. Catalog have input fields attached but would like to enforce integer, character count, formatting, etc.

Example/Use case(s):

  1. Hostname has max characters of 15 enforced with regex on the input/option type field
  2. Inputted text is all lowercase
  3. Integer values allowed 1-5 for numeric value


@neo once you unlock votes in the forums be sure to vote on features you would like to see prioritized! :slight_smile:

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I will definitely do :+1:

@cbunge how do you vote?

In order to vote, you can click (I believe it says just “vote”) at the left of the title. Mine shows Limit because Morpheus team is restricted from voting to keep it open.


Note: The forums do have automatic participation tiering (called trust levels in discourse). It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes really to go from T0 → T1 which gives you votes. The higher the level, the more votes and other benefits members would gain.

This is to help prevent all topics being carpet bombed with upvotes, allow users to show off their community participation, as well as a good form of bot prevention.