OKTA Open ID Integration

Hi Expert,

I am trying to integrate Morpheus with Okta Open ID connect sign on method.
I created application with Web Application type (not single web page) in okta and would like to validate some parameters in Okta like Sign-in redirect URIs, Initiate login URI from Morpheus CMP. Do I need to use https://morpheus/login/auth or https://morpheus/externalLogin/callback/1qYdj3FJz? (currently using) or anything else.

When I access to Morpheus, it shows Okta sing-in option, and provided the credential in Okta sign-in page. After that Okta is not redirecting to Morpheus CMP dashboard page. I would like to validate settings, parameters in Okta and Morpheus CMP.


Typically Okta is integrated with Morpheus using the saml provider. In Okta you would create a SAML 2.0 application. The native Okta integration are for older Okta application types.