Morpheus and One Login integration

Hi guys, I am planning to integrate Morpheus with One Login and I have reviewed the procedure to do it (OneLogin — Morpheus Docs documentation). However, I was wondering (and this is the reason why I am creating this topic) if we can add Morpheus as a regular SAML application, not needing to create the Client Secret and Client ID in the One Login API menu. Let me explain a bit more: normally we add the SAML apps in OL by going to Applications → Add App → SAML Custom Connector, and then adding the needed parameters like login URL, Logout URL, SSO config, etc. That said, I would like to know if, from your point of view, is this a valid configuration as well to use One Login as the authentication tool for Morpheus, or if I need to integrate it exactly as the KB shows instead. Thanks in advance.

Hi @BorisAyala,

There are no issues with using a SAML app in One Login. You will just select the “SAML SSO” type for the identity provider in Morpheus to setup the connection instead of the OneLogin “Type”.