ITOP integration

Is it possible to integrate Combodo Itop ( iTop: open source ITIL ITSM CMDB Software ( with Morpheus?

Depending on what you are looking to integrate with (CMDB,Approvals, Etc) some of this could be achieved with automation in provisioning workflows.

As for a native integration, we do have ITSM plugins on the horizon for development, but nothing currently available outside of the out of box (OOB) options of ServiceNOW, Cherwell, and Remedy.

To see the latest plugin types available you can check out the developer site or see the Morpheus developed plugins at the share site.

Hi community and also a big welcome to @robgardien to the community!

I find this question interesting because I have to make a proposal for a customer to implement a possible CMDB Solution.

Can anyone tell me if there are good alternatives and possibly cheaper solutions to the Morpheus native supported solutions that can be easily integrated?
Of course the integration will require some engineering effort to address the API.

@robgardien: do you already had some experience with iTop and its API reagrding the CMDB?

Most CMDB options are fairly straight forward API calls to create / update records. That said, the benefit of the native integrations Morpheus has is the ability to do discovery. So changes outside of Morpheus (change in size/state) we can also push. That’s the only real “gap” to adding API tasks to a workflow at the moment.

@Neo Yes I have some experience using the API for logging in and using the Bearer token for retreiving objects and editing objects.