OpenID as Identity source and SSO with Morpheus

Hello Experts, Does Morpheus supports OpenID as Identity source and SSO? We have customer who would like to integrate with OpenID as Identity source and SSO instead of Azure AD SSO. Any advise would useful.

As long as it supports saml 2.0 which almost all IDMs do you should be fine.

Thanks a lot Chris.

Sorry @piyush.jain was multi-tasking and mistakenly thought OpenID was a random IDM vendor. I’m not sure if OpenID will work, as we rely on parsing the memberships of the user via SAML assertions typically. You may be able to use the Custom SSO option and configure, but I don’t believe we’ve natively interacted with OpenID in any customer environments.

@cbunge do we have document which explains how to connect Custom SSO option and configure with Morpheus ? As I cant find any guidance. Thanks

When you attempt to create a new identity integration there is an example within the configuration block for both custom IAM and custom external SSO.

I’m not sure how much beyond that could be provided since it relies on a completely custom/undefined externalized platform.

Hi, is there any reason why I cannot find any documentation online regarding External SSO and IAM API identity sources?

The integration itself has data on what it is expecting. Custom endpoints would be company specific, so there’s not really much more we could add to that besides what Morpheus expects to be passed.