API endpoints for Instance Wiki and Server Wiki are different but seem to produce only one result

I have created a Python script that should work within a Provisioning Workflow to create a Wiki page for the Instance and one another Wiki page for the server(s) underneath the Instance. I used the two different API endpoints for Wiki (Instance, Server) and different information but ended up with both Wiki pages filled with the same information. I think this works as designed but does not fit my expectation. I would prefer to divide the information between the Instance and the Server. Like general information at the Instance Wiki and more specific information at the Server Wiki.

Can you confirm that there are two API endpoints that differentiate between Instance and Server for Wiki, but you only can fill both Wiki pages with the same information?

Hi Kai. In my testing, yes that’s the case. Both end points modify the wiki for both instance and resource

Hi Ollie, Thank you for testing and confirming the behavior. Would you support an Idea in this forum to use the two endpoints as separated constructs? I see arguments for the current behavior and only one information at both endpoints, but I can imagine the need to put different information on the Server Wiki also … Would it be a massive effort for Development to implement the later?

If your use case would benefit from separate wikis for the instance and server, adding as idea is the way to go. Ideas are prioritised based on support for them. I can’t speak to the development effort. I will however confirm internally that the current behaviour is the intended behaviour