Need a Morpheus UI option to rerun or retry catalog item

Need a feature in Morpheus through which we can rerun the catalog item creation in morpheus

For example - currently for Catalog Item development we do a lot of changes in cod e and everytime we have to create new catalog item, for every commit to see if the code worked and frontend is populated as it is supposed to be.

Is there any feature, through which we can only click on retry or redeploy catalog item and since catalog item is linked to git branch, it will pickup the changes automatically without having to create a new catalog item again and again.

We do see we have retry option in workflows attached to the Catalog item, but is only for backend workflow not for frontend.

This already exists with catalog. If you look at Order History you will see the ability to Order Again.

You can also order again clicking into the order, depending on the type just choose Execute:

Also, if you have tasks fail because of code attempts, there is an option to retry on the tasks in the history as well.

Its not related to reorder, If we do frontend changes which we want to reflect on the existing Catalog item, we have to create fresh catalog again, we would like to update the existing catalog item not via code call to api’s but from morpheus frontend.

We know about retry on workflows and reorder and execute - this is more specific to Fronetend Object changs on Catalog item