Using Multiple groups with the same catalog item

We are trying to create a service offering for Each of our OS’s and have each server team use the same catalog item. We have 7 server teams and they each have a Morpheus Group. We created an Instance Blueprint and it is using a form. The form has several inputs that need to reload when the Group is changed (Networks, Resource Pools and VmFolder). We have added the Group input and set dependent fields on the others. When that input is added to the Group section in the blueprint it will not reload the other fields. Is there a way that to have these refresh these fields? If we could have the Group input reload all the other fields this would be prefered.

Blueprint Portion being edited:

“group”: {
“id”: “<%=customOptions.GroupInput%>”,
“name”: “<%=customOptions.GroupInput%>”
“cloud”: {
“id”: 1,
“name”: “NGDI-vCenter”
“type”: “R9”,
“config”: {
“createUser”: false,
“isEC2”: false,
“isVpcSelectable”: true,
“noAgent”: false,
“smbiosAssetTag”: null,
“nestedVirtualization”: null,
“hostId”: null,
“vmwareFolderId”: “<%=customOptions.Folder%>”,
“customOptions”: {
“CRQ”: “<%=customOptions.CRQ%>”,
“LocationIdentifier”: “<%=customOptions.LocationIdentifier%>”,
“ProjectID”: “<%=customOptions.ProjectID%>”,
“AgencyCode”: “<%=customOptions.AgencyCode%>”,
“Environment”: “<%=customOptions.Environment%>”,
“FunctionCode”: “<%=customOptions.FunctionCode%>”,
“BusinessCriticality”: “<%=customOptions.BusinessCriticality%>”
“resourcePoolId”: “<%=customOptions.ResourcePool%>”,
“poolProviderType”: null
“instance”: {
“userGroup”: {
“id”: “”

Do you have translation scripts that filter the data to be displayed in the other fields based on selected group? If not you’ll always get the same list in the other inputs, even if they are dependent on the group.

I do not have a translation script. Im looking into making one. I do see that there is a generator though.