Morpheus Syncing VM Information from vCenter

I had a customer that wanted to go into vCenter, and add an Independent Disk to their VM (why? I was told that Independent disks do not get pulled into VM snapshots, although I have not tested this myself yet).

We added an Independent Disk, and as expected, Morpheus seemed unaware of this newly added independent disk. We did a Cloud Refresh, just to be sure, and when we look at the VM Disks, that vCenter-added Independent disk did not show up in the GUI.

Does Morpheus not sync down VM information like this on any kind of basis?

Hi @Wittling_Mark_CCI-At

I’m not seeing the same situation in my environment. See in this example I added a 16GB independent disk direct in vCenter. In Morpheus after a successful cloud sync, I also see this disk:

Let me re-run this test again.

Can you show the cloud status page? May need to contact support for further investigation. Definitely should be coming in.