Adding vmware vcenter cloud


I have a vmware vcenter cloud added with the community edition of morpheus, however my password was expiring within vcenter itself so I changed it, and to my surprised it messed up the config within Morpheus cloud I added, so I went to the stored credentials and updated the new password but it’s still showing Error - Invalid Credentials.

Do I need to remove the vwmare cloud and re-add it or how can I resolve it?


Hi @manny - You should not need to remove the cloud to get the cloud sync to work after a password change in vCenter. Depending on how the cloud is set in Morpheus for credentials will determine where it needs to be changed.

If set to local credentials then it need to be updated on the cloud itself. If set to use shared credentials in the store then you would update them in the Trust - Credentials.

I just did a quick test in my environment on 5.5.3 by changing my password in vCenter and confirming the cloud had an error on sync then updated my credentials in trusts and the sync is now working.

@rboyd - Thanks for your response. I was able to finally reset my password again on VCenter and update that password in trust then the sync worked.