Morpheus option lists query

Hi Team,

I have few questions on the morpheus option lists:

  1. As I checked for API option lists we have two source method get and post.

For get I am pretty clear it will hit the api and reterieve the information however in this we have real time checkbox in place. May I know what is the methodology of this if we are not check this option morpheus will store some where else in local.

If I checked the real time option how much time it will take to refelect in the option list.

For POST will it be possible to share few more simple examples t understand bit more clear on this.

  1. I have the two option list it will retrive the information based on the API. I wants option list1 needs to insert on the second options lists Ex: URL: (https://osdetails/os.json) and returns a key value pair as {“name”: “device1”, “id”: “datastore1”}

option list 2 URL as follows: [https://osdetails/device1.json]

‘Real Time’ flag controls if we cache the list or not. I believe the default cache time is every 15 minutes. If you choose real time, the size of your results and speed of the machine you are querying will matter for speed of returned results.

Here’s an example I put in the forums of using a post endpoint:

Thanks @cbunge for detailed information about the POST .Now am able to understand it.So basically its supports the input text value for POST correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Will it be possible provide your input on my second question.

Thanks in advance.