Need to query an API from one input option, however result must be published in next input option

Hello Team,

We are looking forward to dynamic query from our UI based on the input field and populate results in next field as a drop down. Please let me know if this option is available.


Hi Venkat,

Are you referring to deoendant field feature in Inputs?

Or value of one input to add a new list item to the next input upon real time load?


If the API endpoint supports a post you could do something like this:

Translation Script

for(var key in data.json) {
  var row = data.json[key];
  var item = {'name':key, 'value':row};

Request Script

var postBody = {};
postBody[data.echoInput] = data.echoInput;
results = postBody;

and the option lists would be:


This is just a simple echo of the first but it comes back as so: