Example Morpheus Option Source Plugin


I have created an example Morpheus Option Source Plugin intended to demonstrate the power of using option source plugins within Morpheus.
This example is intended to show how by using a plugin, you can have more control over how and when a REST API is executed for gathering data for a select list.

I have a full video explanation of the plugin here: Screen Capture on 2023-01-11 at 10-46-53.mp4 - Droplr

Repo: GitHub - GitHub - cpdtaylor/morpheus-option-source-plugin-example
5.4.11+ Compatible JAR: morpheus-option-source-plugin-example-1.0.1-all.jar.zip - Droplr
Morpheus Plugin Docs: Morpheus Plugin Documentation

As always, this is for the community and for the community to support. No doubt there are new features and improvements that can be made now, and into the future, so please feel free to extend/modify via public pull requests.



Awesome work @ctaylor thanks for creating an example and providing a video along with the post.

Great example & video to demonstrate it. Guess I’ll have to get my Groovy hat on and dig a bit deeper in to this!

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Very nice, and well presented Chris :+1:

But, no Spoon Boy? He had amazing special powers :grinning:


A continuation of this example is covered in this post: How to execute multiple API requests per Option List: Option Source Plugin Example