Morpheus Hub Account Set up Issue


I am not able to login to Morpheus hub while performing the appliance setup, it says “Failed to login”. This is an environment with Proxy setup and communication over 443 to “” is working fine but still it is not able to login the hub account. Any suggestions ?


I think it would require direct connectivity for registration as the application context doesn’t use OS proxies.

To add to what @aharker mentioned, it does appear to only need the Morpheus Hub allowed but until you are able to access the UI (after setup) you cannot added the proxy settings needed.

However, you can skip the registration when needed by choosing the Skip option when setting up the appliance, or use the following URL (replacing the appliance name):

@kgawronski if we skip the Morpheus hub, are we able to activate the hub account later, and how ?


@aungkyawthu, you cannot initiate the registration again. However, the registration/activation is primarily to retrieve a key automatically. As long as you assign a license after, by obtaining it manually through, then that should accomplish all that is needed.

Thank you @kgawronski. Got it. :smiley: