Morpheus deployment with CIS hardened image

Hello Community, I have a questions about possibility of Morpheus deployment on CIS hardened image. Is it possible to deploy Morpheus application itself with CIS hardened Operating system image ?
• Does Morpheus has CIS Hardened Image of Ubuntu Flavour to deploy Morpheus?
• If not, what is needed post applying default CIS level 1 hardening to get the Morpheus install and run successfully?

Quick response would deeply appreciated.


We do believe Morpheus will deploy just find on CIS Level 1 Hardened ubuntu images. We have not actually done this testing ourselves as most opt for FIPS on RedHat when using higher security images. We have an action item internally to test this and also to harden our provided Ubuntu image to CIS Level 1 standards.

Thanks David for quick response. Its useful.

Of course! I hope we can give you a more definitive answer soon!