Docker Image for Development Work?

Is there a Docker image we can use for developing plugins? It’d be nice to not have to stand up an entire VM, etc.

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We have it internal goal to work on/finalize the containerization of the platform. At this time, the best option is the All-in-One (AIO) deployment of Morpheus.

So far only the distributed worker and VDI gateway is container available.

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Appreciate it, thank you. Definitely looking forward to that!

So, your question really bothered me because I’ve really wanted dockerized Morpheus for a while. I’ve cobbled together something that will work just fine for a dev environment, and we’re going to look at making it better in the coming months.

Please check it out and let me know what you think: GitHub - tryfan/morpheus-container


Just call @ncelebic “The Cobbler” haha. Nice job Nick.

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Just getting back to this. Thanks for that!

Do you know if there’s a way to ignore the Morpheus memory requirement? I’m trying to do the build through GitHub Actions and there’s apparently a 7gb memory limit on the build runners.

The machine I run the container on will have more than 8gb so I believe I just need to bypass it for the installation.

I ran into the exact same thing. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I’m going to use a remote runner for those actions. The limitation is in the morpheus-appliance package, so I can’t bypass the requirement at the moment. Someone else might know, and I’m going to poke around.