Morpheus Cloud Integration

I am trying to integrate Morpheus with Morpheus using Infrastructure → Clouds → Add option. When I do this, I am putting appliance URL of Morpheus to be integrated. Is it supported ? Also when I do this, I see the cloud as “OK” status but I cannot see any other info like cost, VMs, hosts etc. “Inventory existing instances” is checked.


That’s not really the intention of the Morpheus cloud type.
Instead, the Morpheus cloud type is meant to be a generic cloud type for PXE/Bare Metal and manually added Hosts.
So maybe you have an open-source hypervisor and don’t intend to try and develop a custom Cloud plugin to support that (, you would use the Morpheus cloud type to add some basic integration between Morpheus and that “cloud”.

Morpheus itself as a platform is not a cloud.

Does that make sense?

What are you trying to do by adding a Morpheus appliance as a cloud?
Can you describe your use case?

Thank you for the response. The use case is “One Morpheus appliance is already integrated with our native solution as a private cloud & we have a different morpheus appliance deployed in a different environment. We want to integrate the former morpheus (integrated with native solution) with latter one (Single node appliance). I want to see if this is possible. Maybe by using the cloudprovider plugin. Is there any example that I can refer to create the plugin”.


This sort of integration isn’t really possible with built-in solutions right now.
As for examples of Cloud Provider Plugins, I don’t really know that that would help you given what you’re trying to achieve.
They don’t really have an API to control Morpheus that way.

Thank you so much for the info, I will check on this further and will let you if we can work on this.