Provide Proxmox VE as native integration of a cloud (like VMware vSphere)

Since the Hypervisor Market is in motion, we would like to see Proxmox VE as good alternative to others. Hence, we would like to use Proxmox VE with the same experience like other native integration (VMware, Hyper-V, PowerVM, …). Because this is categorized as a Cloud within Morpheus and kind of complex, we would prefer to get the integration directly from Morpheus with the overall and experience from other integrations.

Example/Use case(s):
Proxmox VE should be usable within Morpheus like VMware and help to choose between the different hypervisors directly during provisioning. This might also help Morpheus itself to shift workloads from VMware to Proxmox VE in the end. For whatever that means …

With all the horror stories from the Broadcom / VMWare acquisition, there our numerous organizations looking elsewhere.

Nutanix is a bit iffy on cost. HyperV can be cost effective but i feel a pain to manage.

Proxmox seems to be rapidly growing in relevence. I also wouldn’t mind Morpheus doing more on it’s own managed KVM front.

I will probably do a 3 year agreement with VMware in a month, and plan to have my teams evaluate Proxmox over the next year - with the goal of.having a massively reduced vmware footprint by the end of that contract.