Platform 9 Integration with Morpheus

Hi Team,

I need some information on Platform 9 integration with Morpheus. There is no document available which talks about the capabilities of Morpheus UI with Platform 9 however we see the option to integrate platform 9 in Infrastructure - Clouds - ADD .

Can I get some details on the support for Platform 9 (k8s) & which all actions can be performed out-of-box from Morpheus UI .


Hello @ranujain

The Morpheus Platform9 cloud type is for the Platform9 Managed OpenStack (PMO) cloud, not their Kubernetes/Kubevirt or Bare Metal offerings. Our documentation on the Openstack cloud can be found here: Openstack — Morpheus Docs documentation


Thank you for the info @alipscombe .

Can we integrate the Kubernetes cluster hosted on OpenStack environment to Morpheus using “External Kubernetes Cluster” Option & manage it from UI ?