Service Plan Selection for Service Catalog

Hi Team,

I have create a custom option list for getting the service plans (AWS) and created the input for same. When I order the catalog from morpheus, it says “You must select a plan”.

I am filtering specific service plans as well in the Option list.
Any suggestions ?


Without seeing the full translation unsure if you are passing the id. Sometimes it may be complaining incorrectly on the plan if another area inside of your spec has a bad variable interpretation. Unsure if you are able to DM me the full catalog spec or translation to take a look at.

Translation script:

for (var x = 0; x < data.length; x++) {
var name =
if((name.indexOf(‘T3 Medium’) > -1) || (name.indexOf(‘T3 Large’) > -1) || (name.indexOf(‘T3 2xlarge’) > -1) || (name.indexOf(‘C5 Large’) > -1)) {

That translation looks fine. I see you’re adding additional disks. Are you using the VMware example from the forums for that? As far as I’m aware we don’t have a way to make the disk count dynamic for public clouds in service catalog at the moment.

Again, the error could be a variable interpretation breaking elsewhere in the JSON which is making the UI think the problem is directly with the plan.

It may be best to open a ticket at to further assist.