Missing image in CatalogItem

When using a plugin to implement a custom CatalogItem logic, we’re facing the issue that the CatalogItem image does not appear. The code snippet for the custom CatalogItem was taken from Morpheus repository and looks as follows:

            <div class="item-type-image">
                <img class="item-header-img" src="{{catalogTypeImage}}" title="{{name}}" onError="loadImage(this);"/>

We already tried to change the security policy (allow all img files) and using the nonce helper to add a nonce token. Also, we compared a CatalogItem that does not use our custom plugin. The image seems to be stored under ‘/assets/branding’, which does not exist when a custom plugin is configured.

Do you have an idea what it could be?

The example from the Git repository was probably not up-to-date. The issue was fixed after replacing catalogTypeImage with iconPath.

<img class="item-header-img" src="{{iconPath}}" title="{{name}}" onError="loadImage(this);"/>