❌ Allow own logo for Catalog Item (of Type Instance)

Allow own logo for Catalog Item
During the creation of a new Catalog Item of Type Instance, you can choose a logo from a given list. The list of logos is derived from existing instances (in case of a Catalog Item of Type Instance). We would like to choose different or own logos in that place instead of given ones.

Let us put a different or our own logo (perhaps for Standard and Dark Mode like elsewhere) within the configuration of a Catalog Item (like of Type Instance).

Example/Use case(s):
The logo named “Resource” is available for Catalog items that are not directly attached to an existing Instance. You can choose a different one from a given list but you can not choose from your own source. We would like to place own logos to differentiate between various Catalog Items based on the same Instance (for example with different Inputs within the Catalog Item).

You can already supply your own. You just select custom and upload.

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