Plugin Development

Hi ,

I am looking out for document/reference/support in building custom plugins to integrate our storage products , i appreciate for a support

Additionally , i found that Morpheus supports java and groovy to create plugins , just wanted to know, Does python supports here?

Hi Paul,

You can refer to the below link for our Plugin docs and supported Plugn APIs. It also has a GitHub Repository reference where you can find some examples.

Currently, Plugins are only supported in Groovy/Java but not Python.

Hope this is helpful?


I want to add my component under infrastructure -->Storage–>
Do i have to refer custom tabs or cloud account ?

Currently we do not support storage plugins, but is on the roadmap. The only option you have for custom tabs is the custom instance tabs which show directly within individual instance types.

Ok ,My requirement is to integrate Hitachi Block Storage with MD , We have asked to build plugins to integrate storage with MD by your Business team

So there is no way in integrating Storage with MD now right ?

Do you have any update pls ?

We have it road-mapped to extend our plugin architecture to support 3rd party plugin integrations. We do currently have native integrations with a few storage types like 3par and Isilon, but nothing specifically Hitachi at the moment.

Anything beyond the current native integrations could be implemented with our task and workflow engine backed by our operational workflows. Less “native” but still allows you to manipulate 3rd party platforms and can be ordered and give users inputs to select from within the bounds you set.

Curious what you’re trying to do @Paul_B . If this is something like creating an NFS share and mapping in the OS during deployment we do that all of the time :slight_smile:

Yes , we already know there is no native integration for block storage in MD but we are investigating on the the possibility to see and build the plugins to integrate it

Our primary goal is to create an iSCSI volume on Hitachi storage and from the MD GUI and mount in to Vmware VM or AWS Ec2 instances

Anything beyond the current native integrations could be implemented with our task and workflow engine backed by our operational workflows
—> Task can be created based on Ansible,shell,python etc ,
But we want to bring Integration tabs for Storage on GUI so customers will be able to add their block storage devices

Additionally we want to make a feel of doing it natively integrated with MD so plugin development will help in enabling native integration for storage

Let me know , If we can make it native integration by developing plugins for integration

Ah nice.

Yes, so for the “native” you’ll be required to have a plugin. With that said, we have not released a version of the plugin architecture yet that supports “storage” type plugins. You can view the current list of plugin types, documentation, and examples here

Can we achieve same by using restapi call for now till there is a support for storage plugin

Can we do rollback for task ?