Is there any way we can use the Boto3 script in option lists?

We have few apps created with Terrafrom in Morpheus… for more automation we need to run some tasks using the values from Apps. to run the tasks we need to input some fields like IP address, passwords with in the APp, i am not seeing a way to get those from state file and use in option lists, so i would like to use Boto3 script to get those values and provide as option lists.

let me know how i can get those values from state file to option lists? or how i can use the boto3 ?

You should be able to get the state data with this endpoint.


thanks Bob.

1st i need one option list that gets all the apps, once user select the app then we need to pass that to next option list and get that app state date…

Hi @rboyd

  1. i have a option list that lists all the apps, and i collect the APp ID

Once user select the app from the Drop down, the value of the APP is App id, this app id should go to next Option list https://api/apps/**{id}**/state

how do i pass the app id to another option list?

@rmartha - there is not currently a way that I know of to use the result in the next option lists url as a variable like you are looking for.

Here is an idea already posted for this support that you an vote on. Passing value to REST type option list

You could however use that app id from the first option list in your script to call the state file endpoint, pull the needed info from the sate file and then use that info with your boto 3 tasks. It just wouldn’t be presented to the end user as a select list.

@rboyd i voted… thank you